SSE Audio MB4 2-Way Bi-Ampable Stage Monitor(PAIR) c/w flightcase


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1 x USED PAIR SSE Audio MB4 Bi-Ampable Floor Monitor c/w Grey Carpet Covered Rolling Flightcase

The MB4 is a 2-way active wedge monitor.

The MB4 is extremely rugged, constructed from 9mm birch ply and covered with our distinctive, hard wearing charcoal grey carpet - so it keeps its appearance on stage. Driving the MB4 Generally we use a Klark Teknik DN9848 to run 4 mixes and we have a specific programme for the MB4, which has been in development since the first was launched in 2001. Alternatively you can use a Nexo NX processor with our programme installed, or a Camco Vortex 4 with a Camco processing card slotted in the back. This was specifically developed for the MB4 by Camco and makes the Vortex 4 an MB4 specific amplifier with one channel providing the HF and the second providing the LF.

Connections 2 x NL4 positioned on rear panel Each connector - Pair 1 - LF, Pair 2 - HF On each connector: Pair 1 - LF Pair 2

LF Driver
- 15" woofer 1600 Watt continuous program power handling 95 dB Sensitivity 33 Hz
- 1 kHz Application range
- Triple roll damped surround Corrugated straight damped cone
HF Driver
- 1.5 high frequency compression driver Mylar/titanium diaphragm using a 3 edgewound flat aluminium wire voice coil
- Optimized very high energy ceramic magnet assembly using a copper shorting ring assembly to produce smooth response
- 160 Watt continuous Program power handling 108 dB (1W/1m)
- Sensitivity 0.5
- 18 kHz range